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AMEX Your Buzz: Products & Services

Need an American Express card for your business?  This is the place to visit to apply and find the right card for your company.  American Express Open Business Apps is the place to apply for one of American Express' business credit cards online.  The company offers business up to four card rework systems to choose from.  One is in conjunction with the Starwood Hotels and another is hosted by Delta Airlines. The other choices consist of a gold, platinum or plum level card.  Each card provides slightly different rewards to the business that signs up for the card.  American Express' Open program allows business to choose either upfront payments resulting in a discount on their bill or to pay withing 60 days with no interest charges on their card.

AMEX Your Buzz: Company Background

American Express is headquartered in the Three World Financial Center, New York City, NY.  The company's headquarters was damaged during the attacks of 9/11.  Began as a joint venture in 1850 in Buffalo, New York the company started out as an express mail business.  The founders consisted of Henry Wells, William Fargo and John Butterfield.  Eventually, the company made the move into the financial industry, launching the first traveler's checks 1890 when Mr. Fargo could not access money on a business trip to Europe.  Eventually, Wells and Fargo broke away from the company when Butterfield refused Wells and Fargo's request to expand the financial business to California.  The company began its credit cards in the early 1950s, the second company to do so.  Today the company remains the largest credit card company in the United States in terms of use with 24% of the market.  The company is one of the 30 components of the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

AMEX Your Buzz: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Most users seem satisfied with their use of the American Express Business Card.  A review of the card by Daily Markets rated the card 4.5 out of 5.  This review can be found here.  JD Power and Associates conducts an annual study of credit card companies.  The results for 2012 show American Express ranked at the top credit card company.  There survey can be reached here.  This has been the case for the last six years.  Here are some examples of typical customer comments:

  • LOVE the ability to get a discount on purchases. Possessing this card has been directly responsible for our being able to hire another employee.
  • I can't live without my American express: I do all my shopping including my restaurant supplies.No questions asked and check out is fast and trouble free.
  • I wish that the card would offer points! I do like the cash back feature but it should also include a points reward.
  • Not a good card for a business trying to finish a remodel. Credit availability is based on each transaction not your total credit history with AMEX.
AMEX Your Buzz: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

American Express is a long time member of the Better Business Bureau having joined the BBB in 1948.  There current ranking is A+, the highest ranking possible. American Express is well known in financial circles and in the media.  Businessweek in 2012 rated the company as the 22nd best known brand with a value of about 15 billion dollars.  Fortune magazine listed the company as one of the top 20 businesses in the world to work for on the 2012 list.  American Express is well known in national and world wide financial media.

AMEX Your Buzz: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Google's Page Rank Tool lists American Express as ranking 7/10. states the company has almost 11 million views per day and ranks third among its industry after Chase and Capital One. lists the company very highly in both the United States and on the world wide scale as well.  It ranks the company 106th in the United States with over 19,000 other sites linking in.  Globally, the site ranks 368th out of all the internet sites in the world.  This website is very popular.

AMEX Your Buzz: Social Media Presence

American Express is well covered in all aspects of social media.  Their Facebook page boasts nearly 3 million members and is quite active among American Express members.  Amex's Twitter page is also very busy with over 500,000 followers.  The page is used to offer news and savings to members not available elsewhere.  The company's You Tube channel has over 11,000 subscribers and its videos have had over 18 million views.  The company's LinkedIn page has over 30,000 employees on it and over 90,000 followers.  Amex's page on Foursquare has over 120,000 viewers.  The Google Plus page is new, with just over 5,000 members.  The company gives it members many social media options.

AMEX Your Buzz: Website Security & Safety

Amex uses SSL security to encrypt data over the internet.  The company keeps its security up to date and backs any problems or costs created by their error.  Payment information is stored in an member business account which is secure from other users and opne only to those employees who need to have access to the information in the account.  The company has an active fraud prevention program and will replace lost cards extremely fast even at foreign locations.  Google's Safe Browsing Tool ranks the site as safe.  It has found no fraudulent activities in the last 90 days or as a pattern despite the company's use of 40 different browsers.

AMEX Your Buzz: Pricing & Packages

American Express' Open Business Cards charge a yearly fee to their customers.  If some of the cards are not paid on time, there can be interest charges as well.  Here are some examples of the fees charged by Amex and some of their competitors.  A few of the benefits of the cards are also listed where available.

American Express:

  • Amex Plum Card:  $285 yearly membership plus 1.5% discount on early payment of charges; no interest up to 60 days.
  • Amex Gold Card:  $175 yearly fee, balance paid in full each month, awards 3X membership points for airline travel, 2X on advertising, gas and shipping, 1X on everything else
  • Amex Platinum Card:  $450 Yearly fee with 40 additional benefits including price reductions, room upgrades and access to airport travel clubs and bonus travel points.
  • Amex Simply Cash Card:  No annual fee; 5% back on purchases of office supplies and mobile service, 3% back on gas, and1% back on all other purchases


  • Chase Ink Cash:  No annual fee, 5% rebate on mobile phone expenses, office supply stores, landlines, and cable television, 2% back on gas and restaurants
  • Chase Ink Classic:  No annual fee, earn bonus points for card use that can be redeemed for purchases
  • Chase Ink Premium Card:  $95 annual fee, earns bonus rewards through travel and purchases, bonus points can transfer to some airline frequent travel programs
  • Chase Ink Plus Business Card:  $95 annual fee, earns extra bonus points for some purchases, access to airport club lounges, free employee cards

Capital One:

  • Capital One Spark Select:  No annual fee; users earn travel miles based on purchases on the card
  • Capital One Spark Cash:  No annual fee, uses earn cash rewards for purchases on card
  • Capital One Spark Miles Select:  No annual fee, earns easy to redeem travel miles
  • Capital One Spark Classic:  Business credit card with no annual fees and no reward program
  • Capital One Spark Cash:  $59 annual fee, charges earn 2% cash back
  • Capital One Spark Miles:  $59 annual fee, charges earn two miles for every dollar spent

Yearly fees for American Express are significantly higher than other companies.  However, all of the other companies have limits on their cards while Amex does not.  This an be a big advantage to certain types of businesses.

AMEX Your Buzz: Shipping Rates & Policies

American Express does not really ship products around any more.  Most of their transactions are done electronically.  Of course actual credit cards are still mailed out to the business address using first class postage.  Amex will send cards internationally, but since they have an office in almost every country these days, usually they are sent out from this source.

AMEX Your Buzz: Payment Methods Accepted

Not surprisingly, Amex only charges its fees on their own American Express cards.  To pay your monthly payment, their are several options.  If you are near an Amex office, you can pay the fees in cash at the office up to $1,000.  Otherwise, you can set up a withdrawal from your checking account to pay directly online.  American Express will also accept business checks in payment on accounts along with cashier's and money orders.  These take a while to credit to your account, so a customer needs to send these in early.  American Express will not take other company's credit cards to pay their credit cards.

AMEX Your Buzz: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

American Express does not in general refund annual fees.  If they close a card do not expect to continue to be able to use and bonus points that have been earned.  If a customer decides to cancel their membership, they need to call customer service.  Once a membership is cancelled, the bonus points are lost.  It is recommended that these be redeemed before cancelling a card.  Fraudulent or erroneous charges are handled through customer service according to legal guidelines and company policy.  Cards can also be cancelled for employees using the company's internet connection.

American Express OPEN Business Apps: Product images & screenshots
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